David Hornung collage art class at Crow Timber Frame Barn

David Hornung and his work: Persona, gouache on handmade paper © 2013.
Images below: Examples of class projects, David teaching & class participants.



David Hornung is a painter, former quiltmaker, and professor of art. He has taught painting, drawing, and color at a number of art schools and universities including, Indiana University, Parsons, Pratt, Skidmore, Brooklyn College, and the Rhode Island School of Design. He is currently chair of the Department of Art and Art History at Adelphi University in Garden City, New York.

While at RISD, David developed a color course that combines a study of color perception with practical exercises in color mixing and application. For 14 years, he taught the course to textile designers, painters, and graphic designers. In 2004 his book, Color: A Workshop Approach for Artists and Designers was published in the UK by Laurence King Publishers and in the US by McGraw Hill. Since then, it has been translated into Japanese, Korean, French, and Polish.

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• Dates: May 26-30, 2014
• Level: Intermediate to advanced
• Zig zag sewing machine: No
• Materials fee: $65
• Dye facility usage fee: $5
• Tuition & Meal plan: $870

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Collage is an art form in and of itself, but it can also be a “laboratory of ideas” wherein an artist or designer can conduct experiments in form and content that can later be transferred to another medium like painting or quiltmaking. Its improvisational character provokes visual surprise, allowing for chance events and the unconscious mind to intervene in the creative process. Making collages sharpens formal skills in composition, color and shape making while highlighting one’s individual creative preferences and inclinations.

What we will be doing: The workshop will begin with a few initial assignments to establish some useful techniques and reveal the creative tendencies of each student. As the class progresses, students will pursue a personal direction in their work with guidance and encouragement from the instructor. By the end of the week, everyone will have accumulated a small portfolio of collages that can form the nucleus of continued independent study after the workshop has ended. The classroom atmosphere will be relaxed and experimental, with each participant working at her own pace. Studio work will be augmented by group and individual critiques, discussions and slide presentations that examine the history of collage and contemporary examples of the idiom.

This course is not for beginners - participants should have some experience in a prior workshop and/or some ongoing art practice in any two-dimensional medium, e.g. quiltmaking, surface design, painting, drawing, or collage.

The materials fee provides a kit with paints, paper, brushes, palette, palette knife, etc.

Materials in addition to those provided in the kit needed for the collage workshop:
• Printed papers (e.g., wall paper or wrapping paper) that you may want to experiment with in your collage work.
• Photos from magazines, engravings or any other images you may want to use.
• Drawing tools, e.g., charcoal, ink, bamboo drawing brushes, colored pencils, etc.
• A ruler.
• A water container.
• A permanent glue stick.
• A variety of brushes (you may already have).
• A pair of scissors.
• An Xacto or utility knife.
• A small “self-healing” cutting mat like those made by Alvin or Dahle.
• A portfolio in which to store and transport your work.

If you have any questions about the materials list or the course in general, please > email David

David Hornung collage & design workshop

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