Nancy currently offers 15 quilt making workshops starting at beginning/intermediate level and graduating to very advanced. All classes are either 5-day or 2-week classes and are best taken sequentially. Each workshop builds on the one before it as all classes are taught as art classes. They are all deeply embedded in classical art/design concepts. Figure/ground composition will be emphasized in every single class. Each student needs to be fluent in machine-piecing for all workshops.

• Note: Nancy teaches workshops at various venues, which are listed on her > itinerary.
Please click on the titles below to connect to descriptions and supply lists for each class.

> The Best of Strip-Piecing I & II [beginning to intermediate]

> Strip-Piecing & Restructuring [beginning to intermediate]

> Improvisations: Let's Experiment! Part I [intermediate]

> Improvisations: Let's Experiment! Part II [intermediate to advanced]

> Lines, Curves, Circles & Figure/Ground Composition: Part I [intermediate to advanced]

> Lines, Curves, Shapes & Figure/Ground Composition: Part II [intermediate to advanced]

> Sets and Variables I & II: Using a Simple Motif & a Compound Motif [intermediate to advanced]

> Sets and Variables III: Using Linear Motifs [intermediate to advanced]

> Compositional Exercises [intermediate to advanced]

> Potpourri: Part I: A Challenging Variety of Compositional Exercises [advanced]

> Potpourri: Part II: A Challenging Variety of Compositional Exercises [advanced]

> Composition: Creative Stretches in Figure/Ground [very advanced]

> Composition: Overall Figure/Ground [very advanced]

> Composition: Spare Figure/Ground [very advanced]

> Master Composition: Finding your Voice [very advanced]

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