Jan Myers-Newbury
Jan Myers-Newbury
Jan Myers-Newbury

Jan Myers-Newbury

Jan Myers-Newbury is known for her pieced quilts using fabrics hand-dyed with various shibori techniques. She has exhibited and taught nationally and internationally, having been included in thirteen QUILT NATIONAL exhibits. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Arts and Design, the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, the Museum of the American Quilters Society and the American Quilt Study Center; nearly 200 quilts are included in corporate and private collections. Her quilt “Depth of Field: A Plane View” was selected as one of the 20th Century’s 100 Best Quilts. She has lived in Pittsburgh since 1987.

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  • • October 19-23, 2015 | Integrating Shibori: Advanced Design
    Integrating Shibori: Advanced Design
    • Level: Intermediate to advanced (• need to have taken AT LEAST one 5-day workshop with Jan and done serious independent work as a follow up to that workshop)
    • Zig zag sewing machine: Optional
    • Materials fee:
    $25 • Dye facility usage fee: $25
    • Tuition ($650) & Meal plan ($240):

    Get ready to undertake design challenges with shibori-dyed fabrics. This advanced class will concentrate on DESIGN, not on dyeing technique. All who come to the class MUST have previously spent at least one week with me and have a working knowledge of the techniques they want to employ for design work. Participants will arrive with a stash of dyed fabric and be ready to commence with serious design work from the starting moments of the workshop. This does not mean that we will not be dyeing during class time, or that you won’t be able to get technical input from me. However, dyeing will be independent; coordination with others will be encouraged when possible. This is your chance to stretch the right side of your brain. Critique and input from me will be ongoing, with several group critiques throughout the week.
    • Please note: that participants will be working with cotton fabric only.

    SUPPLIES (please label your own supplies)

    Arrive with at least 10 yards of dyed fabric. Per usual in my classes, this will generally be small pieces (fat quarters, half-yards) - totaling 10 yards. These should be fabrics that have the potential to work in a single composition. Bringing two sets would be an even better idea.

    Bring at least 30 yards of pre-scoured PFD for further dyeing. COTTON ONLY.

    Bring enough white cotton flannel to cover your 8’ x 8’ allotment of wall.

    The supply list is similar to the one for the Introductory class and is posted here as a checklist. If you know that you will NOT be doing clamp resist, for instance, then you can eliminate anything related to that. Also bear in mind that I will be bringing my usual truckload of hardware and poles.

    • PLEASE NOTE that constructing quilt tops will be optional: for some it is more useful to design and record with camera than it is to spend the time sewing. HOWEVER, you may choose to bring a machine and do piecing during the workshop, and that is fine. Thus...

    • Sewing machine optional.

    • Digital camera advised.

    • If it is at all handy for you to bring a good steam iron, please do so. A couple of “table-type” boards would be helpful. Extension cord.

    • If you have already collected dyeing supplies, and you are arriving by car, bring as many 5-gallon buckets as is convenient.

    • Rubber gloves and old clothes to wear most of the time. Obtain Playtex-type household gloves that come at least 4-5” beyond your wrist. (Surgical-type short gloves are NOT OK.)

    • At least three 2’ lengths of plastic PVC (plumbing) pipe: any diameter up to 4”.

    • Any clamping devices that you locate around the house, or that you wish to buy and bring (C-clamps, bulldog clips, large squeeze clamps...)

    • Hard shapes for clamping: Jar lids, metal washers, wooden shapes (squares, rectangles, triangles), wooden sticks 8-10” long, chopsticks, Legos....

    • Nylon braided or coiled rope of a substantial diameter (1/2” or more), bring a 3’ length.

    • An assortment of paint brushes if you have some - the sponge kind work well.

    • Assorted needles and thread for hand-sewing; thimble if you use one; hand-quilting thread

    • Seam ripper; sharp-pointed scissors

    • Rotary cutter, straight edge and mat. This does not need to be large.

    • Rubber bands, assorted; heavy ones are best

    • Cord and/or string; at least 500 yards total. This could be crochet cotton, weaving warp, string; various sizes good.

    • Any specialized dyeing equipment that you have come up with

    • An INDELIBLE black fine point marker (Sharpie) for marking fabric labels

    • A TYVEK envelope - a used one is perfect

    • Stapler loaded with staples + extras

    • An old bath towel

    • Paper and pencil for note taking; straight pins for organizing swatches; handouts from previous classes or notes from independent work

    Materials fee provides
    • Dyes, salt, soda ash and detergent.

    If you have any questions about the materials list or the course in general, please
    contact Jan

  • • 2015 Fall class tuition and Meal plan
    • Tuition ($650) & Meal plan ($240) per 5-day class: $890

    • Note: Some of the workshops have an additional fee for materials & facility usage. Each class description indicates whether there is an additional fee. Material/facility fees are due with the final payment.

    Meal plan
    During the art retreats, Margaret Wolf, will prepare fabulous gourmet lunches and dinners plus a coffee/snack break daily during each week of class. The meal plan is provided so participants may concentrate fully on their work without being bothered by the interruption and inconvenience of cooking for themselves. The break times present a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students, share ideas, and just relax together in this wonderful environment.

    The meal plan includes an opening night welcome dinner, five lunches, five afternoon coffee/pastry breaks, and four more dinners during the duration of the workshop. Coffee, tea and water will be served during these break times. Participants are responsible for any other beverage choices, such as soda pop, beer, wine, milk or bottled water.

    Please keep in mind that if anyone chooses not to participate in the meal plan, they are solely responsible for all of their meals, snacks, coffee, tea, and other beverages. The kitchen facilities are reserved for the resident chef. There is a microwave and a refrigerator in the wet studio for student use. Most restaurants are at least a 20 minute drive away from the barn.

    Please note: Due to facility limitations, meal plans are available only for workshop participants.
  • • Accommodations
    Recommended accommodations & offering special rates:

    Hampton Inn, Pickerington, Ohio (15-20 minute drive to Crow Timber Frame Barn)
    This clean, comfortable hotel is offering reduced rates. Please ask for "Nancy Crow Workshop" special rate (includes breakfast) using the local phone number 614-864-8383 or book online

    Shaw’s Inn, Lancaster, Ohio (15-20 minute drive to barn), Charming boutique hotel located in downtown historic Lancaster. Please ask for best extended stay rate (includes a very good breakfast). A nice restaurant and bar are located inside the inn. Individually decorated rooms range from small rooms to suites. Phone: 800-654-2477

    The Morgan Theater Home, Baltimore, Ohio (5 minute drive to the barn; mention Crow Barn)
    Former silent movie theater converted into a private residence. Three rooms for rent include free cable TV & free high speed internet access. Kitchen/refrigerator/stove & all "kitchen stuff" available.
    Phone: 740-862-4765 or Email

    Rosabella B & B, Millersport, Ohio (10 minute drive to the barn; mention Crow Barn)
    Beautifully restored 1850s Italianate farmhouse is surrounded by farm fields. Breakfast included. The grounds include a wrap-around porch, hammock, patio, pool, hot tub, and fire pit. Phone: 740-467-3580

    Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Reynoldsburg (15-20 minute drive to Crow Timber Frame Barn)
    Please ask for "Crow Barn Workshop" special rate (includes breakfast) using the local phone number 614-861-8888 or Email the manager

    Other accommodations, please negotiate your own weekly rates:

    City of Lancaster, Ohio (15-20 minute drive to the Barn)
    • Hampton Inn, 740-654-2999, clean and quiet
    City of Pickerington, Ohio (15-20 minute drive to the Barn)
    • Best Western Executive Suites, 614-860-9804
    • Fairfield Inn, 614-864-4555
  • • Miscellaneous information
    • Please let us know if you would like a roommate. We will try to match you with another participant to share accommodations.

    Travel to and from the Crow Barn
    • The Barn is located near Baltimore, Ohio (southeast of Columbus, Ohio)
    • Please keep in mind that there is not a shuttle service to and from the motels to the farm, therefore please arrange a rental car or carpool with another participant.
    • Port Columbus (CMH) in Columbus, Ohio, is the major airport serving the area (30 minute drive to the Barn)

    Rental sewing machines, cutting mats & lamps
    • Bernina sewing machines are available for $65 per 5-day class.
    • Cutting mats are available for $10 per 5-day class.
    • Lamps are available for $15 per 5-day class.

    Formal class hours
    • Monday-Friday: 9-12 and 2-5 daily
    (Classrooms are open 7 am-10 pm Monday-Thursday, 7 am-5 pm Friday)

    Professional facilities
    Each student is provided with a large work table, an 8’ x 8’ work wall, and a comfortable chair. Classrooms are well illuminated and are open from early morning until late in the evening, plus the classrooms have air conditioning & heating. The surface design/dye studio at the Crow Timber Frame Barn includes large padded tables, lots of light (natural and color-corrected bulbs), 3 commercial stainless steel sinks, & washer/dryer. All facilities are non-smoking.

    Mailing list
    If you would like to be placed on a mailing list for information about upcoming art retreats, please send your contact info.

    Questions? Email
Images of Jan Myers-Newbury, student work and classes at the Crow Timber Frame Barn