Sandra Palmer Ciolino machine piecing class

Sandra Palmer Ciolino in her studio and auditioning quilting threads.
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Examples of Sandra's machine quilting.



Sandra’s life-long connection to fabric began at an early age and intensified through decades of garment and home decorator sewing. Sandra is a retired 30-year public school teacher, has been creating quilts since 1996 and teaching machine quilting since 2007. Her quilts have been exhibited nationally, regionally, and locally at many venues including NQA, Form Not Function at the Carnegie, the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Zanesville Museum of Art. In 2009, Nancy Crow commissioned Sandra to machine quilt “Structure #6” in a pattern denoted by Ms. Crow.

During her machine quilting workshops, Sandra encourages students to develop unique machine quilting designs from inspiration they gather from a variety of sources. Sandra fosters a learning environment that addresses diverse learning styles and enables students to excel beyond their perceived limits; to hone their technical and conceptual skills; to expand their repertoire of machine quilting designs; and most importantly, to develop unique machine quilting strategies that enhance and elevate the artistry of their pieced and whole cloth compositions.

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machine piecing art quilt class

Machine Quilting: Inspiration, Design, Critique

• Dates: October 15-19, 2012
• Level: Experienced machine quilters
• Zig Zag Sewing Machine: Yes
• Materials Fee: $10
• Tuition & Meal Plan: $845

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Machine quilting, itself a layer of composition, has the potential to transform and elevate fabric and batting, one stitch at a time, into a cohesive and dynamic overall composition.

You must bring to this workshop a reasonable level of technical machine quilting competency, a collection of inspiration gathered from your surroundings, and several ready-to-quilt pieced or whole cloth quilt tops. You will then tap into your own conceptual skills and creativity, as well as the collective resources of the class, and machine quilt your own compositions. Your technical skills will soar and your completed quilts will take on new levels of artistry.

Participants will begin each day with specific skill building assignments geared toward mastering and expanding their repertoires of linear, grid, echo, meander, texture/filler, focal, and channel quilting designs. Participants will present their quilt tops to the group for examination, share their initial quilting design strategies, and invite alternative design options from the group. Timed exercises will be included in the syllabus.

The majority of class time will be dedicated to free exploration supported by one-on-one mentoring, coaching, and demonstration. The workshop will conclude with final presentations and a self-critique of individual accomplishments.

• Prepare three (3) small, identical quilt tops, square or rectangular, with length and width measuring 20” or less. Quilt tops can be pieced or whole cloth (ex: screen print; mono-print; or commercial or hand-dyed fabric with interesting patterns). Layer with your preferred batting and backing; pin-baste or thread-baste. Do NOT quilt!
• Gather a large collection of photos, clippings, advertisements, sketches – anything and everything that interests you and that may inspire unique quilting designs and variations. Bring these to the workshop in a folder or binder. .

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