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Nancy Crow new book

Hardcover with jacket, 312 pp, including 12 gatefolds
ISBN: 1-933308-03-6
Price: $65.00
Publisher: Breckling Press
- Covers eight major series (1989-2005), including Color Blocks and Constructions
- Hundreds of color photos
- Excerpts from Crow's journals and sketch books
- Fold out pages to display large quilts

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"Nancy Crow is a pioneer of the modern art quilt movement... an accomplished artist and an ambassador for the world of fiber art."
- Paul J. Smith, Director Emeritus, The Museum of Arts & Design, NY

"Nancy Crow is often called the 'founder' of the contemporary art quilt movement... her work is the standard against which all other art quilts are measured."
- Rebecca A. T. Stevens, Consulting Curator, Contemporary Textiles, The Textile Museum, Washington, DC

"As an activist, teacher, and curator, Nancy Crow was a catalyst and prime mover of the art quilt movement... Today, she stands at the forefront of innovative quiltmaking and she is one of the premier colorists in contemporary American art, no matter what medium one surveys. This new book, a chronicle of Crow's work after 1988, shows her transformation."
- Jean Robertson, The Smithsonian Archives of American Art

"In the hands of this singular artist, the quilt, a traditional craft form, has become an evolving art form: innovative in color and style, with new inspirations and techniques. This book examines Crow's work since 1988, tracing her movement from historical forms of pattern and construction to the liberation of improvisation and freehand cutting. Crow herself describes this evolution in very personal terms, including diary excerpts that deal with everything from the origin of a theme to her daily life of balancing home and studio. Progressing from the more familiar color blocks and wedding-ring patterns to templates with bow-tie shapes, she found the need to break away from the strictures of the past and move forward, altering shapes and colors. The presentation of color blocks, linear studies, and various contemporary constructions, plus discussion of planning and creating a magnificent quilt called Chinese Souls, complete the study. Her moving description of the impetus for Chinese Souls, based on a 1990 experience in China, when she witnessed the execution of a group of young men accused of minor crimes, cannot help but impress the reader with the humanity of this artist. Not just a catalog of wonderful artworks but an introduction to an equally impressive person, this book is a fine example of creative spirit and artistic insight."
Highly recommended.
- Paula Frosch, Metropolitan Museum of Art Library, New York

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