Kathleen Loomis quilt art class at Crow Timber Frame Barn

Kathleen Loomis and her work: Crazed 16 Suburban Dream © 2013 (detail below).
Images below: examples of class projects.



Kathy has been making quilts since high school, well before they became popular as an art form. About 20 years ago she switched her focus from functional to non-traditional quilts. Since her retirement from a career in newspaper journalism and corporate communications for an international consulting firm, she has worked full-time on her art. She studied improvisational composition extensively with Nancy Crow and other teachers. Kathy works mostly with traditional piecing techniques and is known for her rigorous technical mastery, as witness her Quilt Sweepstakes award at the Kentucky State Fair in 2004. Her work has been seen in major competitions and exhibits in the US and Europe, including Quilt National ’03, ’09 and ’11 and Fiberart International 2010. She won the Quilts Japan Prize at Quilt National in 2009, Best in Show at Art=Quilts=Art in 2010, and Best in Show at Fiber Art VI in 2013. Her work is currently on tour with Seasonal Palette and Text Messages in the US.

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Working with Pieced Lines

• Dates: October 13-17, 2014
• Level: Intermediate
• Zig zag sewing machine: Yes
• Materials fee: $5
• Tuition & Meal plan: $870

> Tuition, meal plan, accommodations & additional information

While most pieced quiltmaking relies on shapes, it’s less common to use very narrow pieced lines as the main design element in quilts. In this workshop we’ll explore different kinds of pieced lines (straight, swoopy, etc.) and how to sew them. We’ll experiment with using lines to "draw" shapes and designs, using lines to fracture the surface, and juxtaposing different densities of lines. After you find your favorite style of line work you’ll make an original composition. Studio sessions will also involve group discussion and critiques.

SUPPLY LIST (Please label your own supplies)
• Sewing machine and extra needles, straight stitching foot, extra bobbins
• Assorted thread colors for piecing
• Scissors, seam ripper, rotary cutter, plastic ruler, 6” or 12” plastic squares
• Rotary cutting mat (as large as you own)
• Pins
• Optional: Iron, small ironing surface or bath towel
• Extension cord or power outlet strip
• Large piece of batting to cover design wall (approximately 90” wide x 72” tall)
• Fabric:

  • Five one-yard pieces of solid colors for backgrounds; any colors EXCEPT very light values. Either commercial cottons or hand-dyes are appropriate.

  • Three one-yard pieces of light- or medium-light-value commercial solids for pieced lines. Please choose a lightweight fabric without much body (Kona cottons tend to be too beefy for very fine line piecing; pimatex tends to be too stiff and inflexible).

Striped fabrics for experiments with fine lines cut out of stripes

If you have any questions about the materials list or the course in general, please > email Kathy

Kathy Loomis quilt art class examples

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