• Length: 2 weeks (10 days)
Level: Very advanced / Post graduate
• Prerequisite: Artists/students who have previously studied with Nancy Crow a minimum of 7 times and who will have prepared a brand new body of work before class begins.
• Sewing machine used

Note: Master Composition is designed only for those artists who have studied with Nancy at least 7 times but who are establishing their own voice or who have already established their own voice….and whose work is not derivative of Nancy Crow’s work! Each participant must be prepared to work self-directed and independently during the two weeks of class; each artist must come with brand new work finished within the past two years showing their progress; each must come with the designated professional presentations on both their own development and the specified topic for the two weeks. Group critique will be offered Friday of each week but individual help/critique will be offered everyday as desired.

A longer description will be sent to each person enrolled in this class when it is offered.

This workshop may be offered only every two - three years.

This workshop is intended for students who:
• are disciplined about their work and are practicing
• have ideas and who INTENTIONALLY GATHER IDEAS for their work
• are wanting to be more rigorous in their approach to their work
• are looking for honest critiques
• are self-directed
• will not be producing any work derivative of my own work...I will not encourage nor support nor tolerate work derivative of my own body of work because it means that you are not working hard enough to find your own voice.

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